Personal background. 

I was raised in an animal loving family , but limited to times of having pets. Then the street kitties and dogs,became my companions. I went to art high school and college,  but resented not being able to go to Vet school.  My art has taken a backseat to the family and animals in my life.  I received my own horses when I was married and my first Persians. Several other breeds of cats have taken my fancy  and now I am content with my PUMAs and Burmese, and 2 litters of Bengals a year. I have worked with veterinerians  several years, and listened and learned my whole life time. I attended NYSU @Farmindale vet assistant, , Suffolk college,NY  Barstow College CA,  I continue to learn every day about life and animals. I've done it my way and had a great life. 

  Natures Acres / Sweet Shop Cattery

10% of PUMA sales will be donated 

to your ,or our local big cat santuary.

        As my life is always in a state of change., Which I believe is a good thing. The new chapters are quite different but rewarding their own way.  After the Willow forest fire in 1999 totally destroyed my beautiful home in Apple Valley CA. I moved to Costa Rica central America.  

​   I have had mixed kittens and cats, strays from the streets, and the fanciest of show cats. There is a definite difference in the various breeds and individuals, with regards to needs, personalities, and adaptability to different environments. So when a cat person writes and articaleon what a particular breed is, take into consideration, it is a general similarity of the majority of the breed. Do consider however if your life style is compatible with the general temperament of the breed you are considering.  

Being only 5' I didn't have any inches to spare. I needed major back and spinal surgery not to be permanently crippled

.                          I moved back to the USA 25 miles east of Tampa. 

​       After 53 years of raising cats yo would be justified in saying I am a cat nut. I have considered living a normal life with one or two cats ans a dog, but if I were to be honest I would have to admit it is not possible. I have tried but then along comes another very special feline and I just cant say no. Many have some and gone as new families were found for them . But some have stayed.  

And with regards to the ethical question of why I would breed cats when there are so many strays,  my answer is Lifestyles ans compatibility, .. I have taken the responsibility placing and spaying countless homeless animals. I encourage you, if you have even the smallest space in your life, consider aiding the unfortunate felines, as you enjoy the special cat of your lifetime.two kittens, or cats,  are not much more work than one and, and more than twice the pleasure. But one word of advise raise one breed of kitten at a time . this avoids the other cats influencing  the personality on each other.  Do not expose any kittens to other cats that have not been vaccinated and are not in excellent health. 

       I have always considered temperament one of the most  important traits in any breeding program I guarantee my kittens to be healthy, to have necessary inoculations for their age, and be representatives of their breed.  Kittens of exceptional quality for the breed standard are sold as show prospects.  (these are not born in every litter) Kittens of correct color, head type, eye color etc are sold for breeding 

or to be spayed/neutered. Kittens sold to be neutered are reduced in price.                                Neutering /Spaying a cat reduces the incidence of cancer to a minimal risk, the urine does not have as strong an odor, they should not spray, howl or roam as a whole cat. They get bigger, eat less, shed less, and give you all their attention. If you are considering having a litter, ask yourself if you have the time, will be able to part with the kittens, find responsible homes for the kittens, and have the money if needed for emergency care. 

      For family pets and best friends either sex is good. If you keep an open mind when looking at kittens you will do best to go with your gut feeling when a kitten picks you.

                    Honest inquires or help with problems with your cat are welcome.  

         you are welcome to check out Natures Acres cattery with TICA  and SweetShop cattery with CFA . I can also send you referrals.  I had my first litter of Persian kittens in 1960, so I think you can call me an OLD CAT LADY

                                                                                                                                                      Marguerite Paduano 

Tampa Fl. area,   Traditional Burmese,  occasional Bengals ,   New Exiciting PUMA   Pets & Show

   Never being able to live without my animals ,many made the move with me, I enjoyed everything that country had to offer.    On my 100 acre mountain ranch there was peace and quiet,  fresh clean air, water, magnificent wildlife outside my door. I raised my own livestock, organic vegegies and fruit. The hard ranch work and road repair took a toll on my  4xs  broken back and hereditary scoliosis made me lose 4".