.                     Males and females are equally lovable especially  if  they are neutered/spayed. Males are generally bigger than females. I find the neutered males  more adventuresome  and loveable. 

     The kittens are smallish and grow slowly. A Burmese does not mature for 2-3 years. Their life span is generally 12-16+years,   I have recently gotten calls of owners with cats 19, and the highest 21 years and still healthy.  Kept in an inside environment. They are active and affectionate this entire time.  Once you  have had  the pleasure of owning a Burmese you  will never  want to be  without  one, two or------         I promise-

Burmese are surprising in their weight. They are much heavier than expected. Strong bones and compact body structure has given them the nickname, Bricks wrapped in satin. The Burmese is a cat for true cat lovers. If you do not like a cat to welcome you home, sit on your lap, and sleep on your bed, you might consider another breed. The Burmese that does not receive affection can have physiological problems. Care is minimum. Occasional brushing, affectionate petting and good nutrition.

A damp sponge stroked over their fur and they are shinny and fresh smelling.

There is delightful range of colors.   Sable or bittersweet chocolate color is the most recognized.   It was the only color recognized by CFA until the 1980’s. Other colors had occurred in litters but these were registered as Mandalays. Today the CFA recognizes the other solid colors of  Champagne: Chocolate in other breeds. It is a dilute of the sable. The color is like café with cream. Some pointing in the mask area is common in this color.  Blue:a rich even blue. Solid body with no points. Platinum: Unique name for this color. Referred to in other breeds as lilac or frost. It should have a warm glow of fawn undertones, and a rich almost metallic pewter glow.  Kittens are born an off white or grayish color. They start to develop their true colors at 6-9 weeksThe pads of their feet are the best indication of color.

They are a smallish breed of 5 to 10 lbs. This smaller compact size is appreciated, as they are happiest in your lap, or around your neck. Their affection is stronger for their human family, than for the companionship of other cats.  They are sociable with other cats, but in a quiet manner.Many Burmese prefer dogs as companions.

      I have been breeding cats for many moons, 18,645 to be more precise (or a simple 53 years) Ihad the experience of raising most of the popular breeds, but from my first encounter with a Burmese, I realized no other breed had the​ loving personality, intelligence, and beauty of the Burmese.(1964)   I have seen my Burmese win over many a non cat person with their winning ways. I offer a lifetime placement service for any animal I have placed, and yet I have never had an owner wish to part with a Burmese, because of incompatibility. Burmese are naturally clean. Very quiet, not only in volume of their voice, but also frequency. They never complain, sulk or get spiteful. 



American Burmese traditional CFA. The Burmese cat is desired by true cat lovers for its loving personality and gentle manner. Their alert, inquisitive eyes and silky coats make you want to pet them.   Affection  is   exactly what the Burmese  is  looking  for.
​Their instant purr machines are soft and melodious.  I refer to Burmese as         "The people lover cat 4 cat lover people"

"The people lover cat 4  cat lover people "

​     SweetShop  Cattery  Burmese

                                         Their voice is muted and  most are not overly talkative. Some whisper . In heat they can be rather vocal.   They are generally  not inclined to climb or jump as  the  other

oriental breeds . They are content to stay indoors. Mousing and lure chasing, is greatly enjoyed. They generally do not eat the victim but present it to their providers of care.