My Mountain ranch, close to heaven  in Costa Rica  4 Sale

I am located in plant city Fl.33565.East of Tampa

The top photo is my male

    Rascal nursing a kitten

Natures Acres/Sweet Shop Cattery    813 352 5216

I am hoping for some help to get good pictures of my studs and queens, I will also post kittens for placement. I am a professional photographer but jumping kittens need a kitten handler and a camera handler. A small deposit will hold your choice kitten while we communicate and send more individual pictures to you. Being I am anxious to find dedicated cat lovers to assist

with breeding    PUMAs I also recognize the importance of private loving homes and word

of mouth refferals.  The prices with written guarantee of spay/neuter are reduced. 

I will be offering PAYPAL.

​AIr shipping is avail in certain months 

​Please state where you live (state) 

Ranch information available @