.                                            with its siblings. Looking like a fierce wildcat  one   minute ,                                                                 a cuddly ball of a purring machine the next.

                                                                      All the wild cats  instincts have been kindled into these cats                                       and kittens I call PUMAS

                                  The cat of many names, Pumas,  Mountain lion,  Cougars, Catamount                         Cougar con color, is the big cat of the Americas. The Puma has induced folk                             lore, thrilling fireside stories, awe and respect, and sometimes fear. Not only                  for  it's solitary secretive manneer of life, but also its elusiveness and ability to

                survive through   natural and human persecution.    

                        The Puma is a true symbol of strength and feline beauty.

Natures Acres PUMAs intro.

.          Although house sized for your enjoyment, my PUMAs are a big cat's lovers dream come true. You can't get a pole and line ready to play that they don't catch it within a few seconds. Jumping to extreme heights. If a mother, she will grab the lure in her mouth and pull to take it to her kittens. My PUMAS​ have bounced off walls to catch a tree frog on the ceiling, land with it unharmed, presenting it to me as a gift. I believe the pecking order has been established and most times I am the alpha.

          ON the highest ledge, watchful eyes and ears, capture everything      occurring below. A mother laying serenely, twitches   her long  tails tip, enticing her kittens to hone their hunting instincts   Chubby blue eyed kittens pounce and roll over the mother checking to see if a nipple is exposed for nursing. If not, continuing to play