Wild one

Shadow walker


​Double Trouble

Please do consider if you really want an active, smart, people oriented family member and can give the required time and attention.

I am so  confident in these PUMAs that i will replace a kitten if it does not exhibit the traits mentioned here,  Providing you have given proper care . vaccines , and attention. 

​​​​​​         Many visitors have come to adopt a Bengal and after spending time with the various kittens have changed and picked a PUMA. PUMAs are very people oriented. (due to the Burmese background) They will come over to you, reach up to smell your face, or kiss you, checkout your pocketbook, climb onto your shoulders or sit on your lap.
         The Puma is extremely intelligent. They make eye contact all the time. A scowl will stop them in their tracks, a smile encourage them. They have a rather unusual vocabulary. It sounds almost the same throughout the adults. Mine all come when their name is called. They will ask to have a door opened, some will try to open it themselves. 
          The mothers are the best I've ever had. They keep the kittens spotless, well  fed, will take on orphan kittens, and convey the trust in humans. I can easily attend the births and handle the newborns. My stud Rascal loves to babysit . Clean, teach hunting holds and bites, and even lets them nurse on him. Double Trouble also a stud is doing the same but not as committed as Rascal .

           Persons with allergies are not having any problems with the PUMAs (or Burmese)    PUMAS are very heavy for their size.  They are very muscular,  I do feel as we develop them bigger they will be an arm full. They do grow slowly the first 4-12 months  and continue until 3-4 yrs..  Neutered /spayed cats will usually get a little bigger. they also eat less, smell less, shed less, are happier in the house, have less medical problems, and are generally easier to live with.  

​   Not all wild Pumas have the dark tear lines, Kittens are born spotted. 

          T  he past three years I had several litters of fantastic straight PUMA kittens. I think my wish for a pure line is very possible. The personalities have been replicates  of my original  PUMAs  I have obtained 5 outcross breed cats  and those kittens not only give a greater gene pool, but also many of the desired traits, (more golden colors, smaller ears, bigger size  etc. 

     Natures Acres PUMA

      I am very proud to say I am now able to have litters of kittens exhibiting all most all the characteristics of the wild

Puma / Mountain Lion. 

Phantom PUMA kitten.

​Coming shortly pictures of all male studs and breeding queens. 

My fantastic male stud babysitters, Just a few  colors of  kittens/cats . all natural puma colors are permitted. 

My PUMAs have two types of coats, one with guard hairs and soft undercoat in darker months, the other a flat  softer and sometimes, with the Bengal glitter that is so attractive. The size is as big or bigger than Bengals They have the soft voice of the Burmese with the love to comminicate of the Bengal. They respond to your communication with quite a set vocabulary of meows .           Fetching and playing with lures can go on for hours, They like water , But mostly they are avid hunters. Anything that moves or makes the softest sound gets their immediate attention. PUMAs are not

recommended as inside-outside

cats. (the wildlife would not

 stand a chance)                                                                          Yet they learn your family

pets are off limits.   The wild Puma does come in various colors, tawny, golden, rusty, greys, dark browns. pale yellow, and all shades between. The coat is ticked but not noticable  from a distance.  My kittens are turning color as they mature much to my suprize. kittens born almost white turn golden or tawny, kittens born brown may turn a warm rusty brown, Kittens born with spots lost the  spots at 8 months, I had Phantom PUMAs in my earlier litter and am trying to re establish the color as it was an elegant pewter grey with fawn undertones and glitter. Many of the PUMA kittens have glitter. Some have a firmer hair  with undercoat in winter, others are soft shinny , and close . I now know what colors the kittens will turn into.